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    Post  Sicon on Sat Jun 20, 2009 6:10 pm

    Hey people welcome to the Eternal Freedom thread, i see that the title caught your attetion, well thats nice. Team Eternal is to make one of the greatest games, supporters are more than welcome, but before we embark through our adventure, let me tell you abit about this team and its Requirements. haha enjoy

    Team Eternal Blood
    - Scripter(s): i will be having some work for you, i hope that you join us cause i really need you !
    - Writer: this is mostly for just checking some grammatical errors in my story, so that you can fix it up and ,maybe add your own things to the story as well
    - Artist : Custom Artwork,Game Concept Artwork, Custom Menu and something else i cant think of now, your more than needed please join(Knowledge is needed)
    - Spriter : well this work might be hard beacuse of the system i am using, if your up for an challenge, than welcome, you i really need to
    - Musician : well this wont be to much work, cause i cant seem to understand how to request a BGM, but trust me i will learn on how to do it and when you join us, your more than welcome
    - Co Mapper : Information in section " My Areas "

    How to repay you : i am sorry but i cant do much, more than giving you credits as much as i can, and il try to be positive, if you have some ideas to contribute in this game i am more than open to listen to them, i will also give your ideas a chance to be in this game, and again i will be forever there to help you when you need help in making your own game

    My Areas
    Mapping and Eventing are like my areas, this is where i work best on, but i would also love an more advanced Eventer to help me, even though i can event most things, there are just somethings i cant event, and i am pretty sure someone can, so PM ME if you wanna be
    Co Eventer, also a better mapper can always be a good help, cause i also cant map everything just yet, so a more pro version of me in mapping would help me too so i also need a Co Mapper

    Please Join, this team we need you guys

    Skill Level:
    When your open for work( so i dont bug you ):

    Whats been done, and what it is to do,

    Whats been done,
    Mainly the battle system and the sequence to the game, also a couple of starting maps are also completed

    What is it to do
    - Custom Menu system ( the artist can use as much time as needed, i know how hard it is like to have a boosy team leder bugging you on and on, to finish something while, you have test,exams etc )

    - Skill System ( now this might be a problem for the scripter, but it isnt 100% neccecary, but i would be thriled to include it, since i am a fan of Final Fantasy games and their types of games)

    - Add more skills towards the battle system ( i dont necceary say that the scripter has to do this within a limited time, no the scripter can use as much time as he needs, in both understaniding how to add skills and the damage theyre supposed to cause )

    - Configurations or Tweaks towards the battle system to make it more like our custom battle system

    - Proper titlescreen and Logo ( what you see in the thread is more of an Artwork logo)

    - Grammar Correction, if you do not know english is my third language, and my grammar isnt exaclty the best, so this is a point were the writer is needed to help me

    - Custom Sprites ( now this is hard work, and it isnt needed that much if i use Aluxes as the main character, but if i want custom it is going to be some work, now the spriter, is actually most needed for this and no other work, so that you wont get bugged that much, also custom enemie sprites well this is like, )

    now i dont want you to think that i am a terrible person for requesting so much, i am a kind of guy that loves he's team members and helps them, and tries to contribute to what they want and what they are doing, hopefully our team will develop a game that much resembles a game made by proffesionals and well i might speak to much, but maybe our game can reach the top,

    Members of Team Eternal, lets embark on a journey through hard work and efforts to complete the ultimate RMXP game yet to be createdto be created

    Current Team Eternal Blood
    1.Myself: Mapper and Eventer
    2.GigiOricia: Co Eventer
    3.Losteria: Writer/Proof Reader
    4.Gladwareknight: Spriter/Helper
    5.Ninjacy: Musician
    6.Darkmooglex: Beta Tester

    Darkmooglex : Thank you for your titlescreen, i loved it adding you in the credit Section

    Userbars ( Only Team Eternal Members )
    Now i know those are bad, but it was a rush work

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